35 Years of Forensic Engineering and Fire Investigation Experience

Specializing in Defense Cases


With 35 years of experience as an independent forensic engineer, Rick Franklin, P.E., has an extensive background in fire cause and origin and electrical/mechanical forensic engineering. In 1974, Rick founded his company, Professional Analytical & Consulting Engineers, Inc., or PACE. Since then he has been setting pace in the forensics industry as evidenced by his numerous investigations including:

  • 2,000 building fires
  • 500 accident reconstructions
  • 500 vehicle defects
  • 600 vehicle fires
  • 400 industrial accidents
  • 80 accidental electrocutions

In-depth Investigations Based on Evidence

Rick insists on looking at the forensic evidence during his investigations, rather than basing opinions on what people say they were doing. His detailed reports contain only information that can be substantiated in court. Rick will investigate the evidence to uncover answers to questions such as, What caused this fire? Was this accident due to a manufacturer’s defect? Did this safety device malfunction or fail?

Highly Qualified, Highly Regarded

Rick’s expertise in the field has been recognized by trade journals such as the Fire Journal, Professional Safety (produced by the American Society of Safety Engineers), and Fire and Arson Investigator. They have published articles written by Rick on topics including electrical fires, circuit breakers, and skid mark calculations. This work captured the attention of NASA, who wrote Rick a letter of appreciation because one of his articles explained how three astronauts died in a space capsule fire on the ground.

By 1990, Rick had learned so much about electrical fires that he had created ways to prevent them. He spent eight years of pro bono work convincing the circuit breaker industry to improve its products to prevent fires. The resulting AFCI’s (Arcing Fault Circuit Interrupters) protect against fires caused by arcing faults in home electrical wiring. AFCI’s are now code.

Meeting Your Defense Needs

So how can forensic engineer Rick Franklin help you with his extensive experience, evidence-based reporting, and reasonable fees? Read more about the services he offers and why you should choose PACE, or contact Rick for more information.